Yacht Sales


Do I have to pay VAT?  

If you are buying a private boat, i. e. with VAT paid, this is valid throughout the EU. The solicitor handling your paperwork will make sure that you will receive the necessary documents to prove the payment.

If you are buying a yacht with a professional charter license in Greece (marked "no VAT paid"), you can - if you are a EU- citizen - establish your own charter firm in Greece or you will have to supply the certification about registration of your company by your local tax authorithy in order to prove that you are buying it as a EU registered charter firm. If you cannot do that - the seller will have to have the status of the "professional charter yacht" changed to "private pleasure craft" by paying the VAT.

Our specialized members be glad to assist you in setting up your own charter firm in Greece when buying a boat with professional license. When you wish to purchase a Greek flagged yacht for private use, the value of the boat is being estimated by the Greek tax authorithies it is not possible to foresee the exact sum of VAT to be paid. This risk can be carried by the seller and in your purchase contract it could specify that the seller should sell the boat to you with VAT paid.


I want to buy a second hand charter boat in Greece which I want to skipper myself and charter? What is the VAT situation? 

The simplest way would be to start a charter business in Greece. We assist our clients in setting up the business. Please contact us for details.
If you prefer to have a registration in your country you have to supply the Greek tax authorithies with evidence of the registratiuon in order to obtain a charter license under your flag.


Flag and Registration: Can the registration be changed?

If you are Greek or EU citizan you can stay registred in Greece. If you are not a Greek citizen or EU citizen with permant residence in Greece de-registration is inevitable if the boat is intended for private use. If you might want so, there is the possibility to set up a charter business in Greece, which might be an attractive alternative.


I am a non-Greek citizen of the European community. Can I own and operate a charter boat in Greece under the Greek flag?

From the 1st of November 2002 you can! Please contact us for details.


Could you help me to find a way to transport a boat bought through you to Northern Europe?

Transportation is p;ossible in two ways: by a crew up to detination, or by special transportation. Contact our speciaslized members to gile you advice on this.


What is the typical procedure of buying a boat in Greece?

After you get in touch with a Seles Broker who will supply you with details and pictures of the boats you selected from their listings. If you wish, they will suggest suitable boats according to your specifications.

You would then set up a date for inspection in order to have a closer look at the boats you consider being of interest.

Your broker will then arrange inspection dates with the owners/sellers of the boats you are interested in and - after you found the boat that suits you - will create with you and the seller an inventory list which will become a part of the purchase contract.

Normally you would then ask a solicitor to prepare a Memorandum of Agreement stating all details of the transaction.

It is a good idea to ask a surveyor to perform a survey and let the solicitor make the contract (Memorandum) after (or subject to results of) that survey .


How will the contract for the purchase be executed?

After negotiating the price for your boat and the terms of payment and delivery between you and the seller, the solicitor will draft a Memorandum of Agreement. This will rule in writing all agreed details, terms, dates and payments. It is an agreement between you (the Buyer)and the Seller and will be signed by both.
The solicitor will be acting as a trustee for you, the buyer, and will protect you by making sure that there are no encumbrances (incl. Marinas, taxes, Telecom, seamen pension funds, claims etc.) and that the ownership situation and titles are clear, and last but not least, that your funds for the purchase price will not be paid before all legal aspects have been settled.

How do I pay for the boat and how can I make sure not to loose my money?

Your sales Broker can present you with sollicitors and surveyors and assist you at every step of this procedure, up to the safe delivery of your yacht.
You would normally send a deposit to the solicitor as soon as possible in order to have a legally binding agreement. The solicitor who will pay this to the seller after all necessary documents have been handed over to him by the seller.

You will send the rest of the purchase money to the solicitor in time to comply with the provisions negotiated when drafting the Memorandum of Agreement. The solicitor will pay the full purchase price to the seller only after he has made sure that all legal and tax requirements have been taken care of by the seller and after all required documents have been handed over to him by the seller.

In the mean time you can probably already obtain registration for the boat in your country and after completion of paperworks you can take over your boat here in Greece or have it arranged for shipping to some other place.


When could I inspect the boat(s) I am interested in?

Anytime on short notice. However, during the charter/sailing season it is possible that boats are being sailed somewhere far from ther usual location. Therefore it is important to contact us before you visit us to let us check that the boats you want to look at will be available for inspection.


How can surveys be arranged?

Our speciaslized Advisors list include some of the most competent, English speaking, independant local and international surveyors who can carry out a responsible survey of any boat you are interested in. A survey will not only protect you from buying a boat with technical problems but it is also required by most insurance companies and can help you if you want to sell the boat again later.


What is the price level of repair- and maintenance work in Greece and who can carry it out?

There are very competent technicians and yards in Greece who can carry out all sorts of repairs in GRP, wood, steel or aluminium.
Go to the Information page to find the best mechanical engineers, sailmakers, riggers and electricians and also the right people for cosmetical work.
Thos works are still reasonably cheap in Greece and we will arrange for binding offers and supervise the quality of the works carried out if you like (photo documentation by e-mail!) Ideally we suggest you to take a specialized surveyor to supervice the result. Alternatively, your skipper or captain will take this role.


Where can I insure the boat?

Greece counts an array of very performant Insurance companies and Insurance brokers. Many internationally renowned insurance companies with proven record in handling claims and damages have a representation in Greece and will issue the 3rd party coverage certificates in Greek language as is asked by the Greek port police. This is of great help when dealing with this authority!


Can you help me in finding a berth or winter lay-up?

Our Handling Agents members can help you to find marinas and boat-yards in the Athens area but also in many other parts of Greece. Prices differ considerably and depend on how demanding you are in respect of accessability and service.


Yacht Charter


Is the charter broker's commission included in the quoted prices or will it be added?

The commission is included in the charter rate.


Do I have to pay VAT?

If you are chartering a boat or yacht in the Greek waters, i. e. embarkation and disembarkation in Greece.

The VAT applicable is 13% for 1 or 2 days charter and 6,5% for over 48h charter.


I want to hire a skipper, who can chose the skipper, us or the owner?

While chartering a bareboat, you would be in charge of having a competent skipper in your charter party. However, since this is not always possible, most of the owners have their habits with one or more free lance local skippers and in this case, it is always a good idea to chose from those persons who already know the boat. otherwise, your charter broker will assist you in this search. If you are not used to sail in Greek waters, we suggest you to take a competent skipper, eventhough you would have one or more skippers in your crew/party.


I am a non-Greek citizen of the European community. Can I own and operate a charter boat in Greece under the Greek flag?

From the 1st of November 2002 you can! Please contact us for details.


Can we hire a yacht a cruise another region?

Deliveries of the boat is possible if the boat/yacht is crewed. The skipper or captain may deliver your boat some place else upon agreement with the yacht management through your broker.


What is the typical procedure of chartering a boat in Greece?

The procedure for chartering a baot in Greece is basically the same as everywhere else. Your charter broker will present you with a choice of available yachts to suit your cruising area, your taste or wish and size of party. he will draft the charter agreement and make sure that the payments for the charter are made in due time.


How will the contract for the charter be executed?

After signing for your boat and agreed on the terms of payment and delivery between you and the owner via your charter broker, this will rule in writing all agreed details, terms, dates and payments. It is an agreement between you and the yacht.


Can I inspect the boat(s) I am interested in?

Yes you can, provided you are in the area of the home port of the yacht, and it is not currently on charter, use, delivery or maintenance. You should advise your broker that you would wish to visit and he will arrange the suitable dates. Alternatively, the broker can visit the yacht for you. Be advised that it is every brokers job to know the yacht he is giving away for charter and to inform you in detail of the specifications of your boat.


Can you help me make an itinerary and find berths in the Marinas and ports?

Your charter broker should normally help you organize your cruise and itinerary. You can also consult our special page for this purpose. Special handling agents are available for the paperworks and marina berths at arrival of the boat. On crewed yachts, rely on your captain for all this. Prices differ considerably and depend on how demanding you are in respect of accessability and luxury.


What should I do if I expereince a problem?

First of all, inform your captain. then, contact immediately your broker.

In case of conflict with one or several persons or companies related to your trip in Greece, don't hesitate to consult HYBA for further advice. We are at all times at your disposal for any question you may have.